Cluster, an Ss co-production, made Gruesome Hertzogg's "Top 20 Short Film Gems" list (#12!) and Director D Ryan Mowry was also on Nerdgasm talking about the movie.



We are taking a break for the holidays!

Wishing you well!

We'll be back next year!

❤ The Ss Team

November 8, 2013

Dear Diary,

There are too many things screaming in my head at the same time; I cannot differentiate between

my thoughts and the voices.


We are currently looking for colorists, foley artists, composures to write a score, and any marking majors or recent graduates which would like to assist in the process of post-production for The Skin. You can contact us at Sublimationsinema@google.com.



The pickups and reshoots have been completed. Photography was challenging as the special effects seemed to function as an obstacle but the team managed to pull through and finish in two days. We now have picture wrap on The Skin.


The Ss team is preparing for special effects pickup shots and reshoots for The Skin. A skeleton crew and Sarah Byington will helps us finish photography on The Skin.



Post production update: We are taking our time on the second edit and making sure we have the correct momentum of the movie. We are planning on having this complete at the beginning of next year.


HorroHound was great! We showed 2 exclusive clips from The Skin at the Ss booth. The response and feedback was excellent and suggested that we are heading the right direction with the movie. We cannot wait to reveal the full movie to the world!!!!!!

I would like to thank all the people and new friends who visited the Ss booth at HororHound Weekend in Indianapolis. We very much appreciate the support and interest.



All of our merchandise and promotional material for our booth at HorrorHound is either ordered, on route, or has arrived. Indianapolis here we come.


The rough edit of The Skin was been completed. Looking good. Very exciting. We have a few SPFX pickups to capture, otherwise The Skin is taking its form.



The Skin is in post!!!! I would like to thank all who have supported the project. The Skin is coming.

Post-Production Update: 8 hours spent last night syncing audio... everything is ready for cutting... 2 1/2 hours of footage left to review for tonight. 53 hours clocked!


Day 4 on The Skin!!!!! This is the last day and it is another heavy special effects day. Josephine and Sarah gave great performances and pushed through a tough schedule. The day was challenging and long but we managed to get through. Josephine had the most deal with being in the creature costume. It was think, heavy, and hot but she did not complain and still gave a great performance. All of our cast was amazing!!!!!!!! Ss was definitely spoiled with talent on this production. The crew worked their butts off to make everything run as smoothly as possible.


Day 3: Day 3 of production for The Skin!!!!!
And the first of two SPFX-laden days. With all the effects today, we had some delays in the schedule but nothing too serious; we worked out the schedule for such circumstances. We are still working hard and having fun. Thank you to Miguel Cantu from Altered Visions for joining the production team on short notice and bring for creepy thoughts to physical reality.


Day 2 was Bloody and fun! There was a little bit of blood and some excellent performances from our lead Shiree Nelson. Cannot wait to see what day three will be like. Tomorrow we have the arrival of the rest of our cast Josephine McAdam and Sarah Byington.


Day 1 went smoothly. The crew is working perfectly with each other and getting along. We shoot the majority of our exteriors and enjoyed the scenery of the park while doing it. Joe Shamel, our cameraman, is getting some great shots. And Amber making sure they are beautiful. Glad the first day was a light day of shooting.


Exactly one week from production, time for an update! Casting is locked down just waiting on a final contract before we announce our amazing cast. Our special effects team is creating an amazing torso sculpt, the art department is in the process of coming up with a vision for decorating the rooms. Everyone attached to the skin is giving 110% and is greatly appreciated! We are still looking for a couple of grips, if you are interested contact us. Can't wait to start shooting!!!



The Fundraising event was a success! We raised some money and had the opportunity to show a great movie in the process. We also open the show with our production videos on the big screen. Looked great!

Please visit our indiegogo page and invest in our project. We have some great reward packages for all investors. We are less than a month away from principal photography! Help us make this gruesome movie one to remember.

Casting is in full swing for 3 female roles for The Skin. If you are interested in auditioning or have questions e-mail us at sublimationsinema@gmail.com.


We are very excited to announce that Amber Rose McConnell (so happens to be our director of photography), an amazing photographer out of Austin, will also be in attendance for our fundraiser at the Drafthouse Westlakes selling some of her beautiful prints! Checkout her work and you will see what we are talking about.

Another great vendor announced! Local artist Sain'tJAHn will be displaying and selling some of his work. Do not miss out!

Attention all! Nerd Alert has been added as a vendor at our fundraiser at the Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes (http://drafthouse.com/movies/benefit-screening-near-dark/san_antonio).

The last vendor to be announced is Denise Gonzalez. She will be selling a variety of fun works. In addition to bringing her many ideas to creativity life, she also helped write the story for The Skin!

Pre-order your tickets and get a free "The Skin" poster and producer credit in our short.


Sublimation Sinema is now a featured vendor at this years HorrorHound Indianapolis convention!!!!!! If you are in the area, come out and visit our booth.



Horror fans! This is your chance to see one of the greatest vampire movies: Kathryn Bigelow's masterpiece Near Dark. Plus, you will help support our production company's new movie, The Skin. If you pre-order your ticket, you also get a producer credit in The Skin. We will be screening our teaser trailer and selling merchandise. In preparation we are now Square. We will be accepting MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover when you buy Sublimation Sinema merchandise.
We are also trying to get artists and creators to show off their work and be vendors (if you'd like to join in, please let us know!).

Do not miss this event!


Thank you to everyone who donated to the Kickerstarter. Unfortunately, we did not make our goal.

We are not giving up. We have an Indiegogo campaign. Help invest in our project and you will receive a producer credit in The Skin, plus other rewards.

A new teaser trailer for The Skin is upload! Directed by Ss’s own Anthony Goff. Check it out. Very creepy!

In addition, Drinks at Ice, our new production video, is now upload on our YouTube channel. Happy Viewing.



We have been in deep with a 13 hour production meeting today! We have budget and plotting the next few fundraising events, with the next crowd-funding campaign with Indiegogo!


Two new production videos are shot and being edited for the crowd-funding campaign.
Special shout-out goes to the ICE Lounge & Sports Bar for letting the team do a late-night shoot. Please go and like their page and be on the lookout for their grand opening in a couple of months. And thank you to Roger Rios, Larissa Richardson and Christian Munoz for doing such a good job. We had so much fun!



Updates galore

We now have a twitter!!!!!!

HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati was awesome! Met some great people and had so much fun. We cannot wait until the next one.

Only a few more days left for our Kickstarter. Please help! Share and donate. Be a part of the movie-making process.

Roel Garza (fx) and I (Seth Adam) were on Kickstarter of the Week's second episode promoting The Skin. Check it out.


Our Kickstarter is now live!!!!! Please help by donating and/or spreading the word. http://kck.st/YvlraN

Also, the teaser trailer for The Skin is completed and on our Kickstarter page and we uploaded it to our YouTube channel too. Watch it. Share it. Fear it.



Principal photography is complete on the teaser! Everyone was tired and sleep deprived, and that's usually when problems occur, not with this crew at all! I just want to thank everyone again for being completely awesome! The edit is almost completed and we have some music already written for it. Be on the lookout for some behind-the-scenes pictures very soon.

The first day of shooting for the investor’s mock-teaser trailer for The Skin went very well. The whole crew clicked and it was a blast. We mainly captured exteriors and a couple of light and pre-special effect shots. Tomorrow is going to be a heavy SPFX day. Cannot wait.